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Featured Guests

Orrin "Checkmate" Hudson - Founder of Be Someone, Inc, and author of One Move At A Time - How to Win At Chess... and Life.

Orrin Hudson is an internationally known motivational speaker, youth mentor, and speed chess champion. Founder of Be Someone, Inc., he uses a dynamic presentation to show at risk youth how to achieve excellence through critical thinking skills and more. Hudson uses the game of chess as a model of life, and the strategies learned translate to real life scenarios.

He is available for interview on the many related facets of breaking the cycle of crime and violence in America, and helping our youth put their best foot forward.

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Sheila Zilinsky - Author, Minister, and Host of The Sheila Zilinsky Show

Sheila Zilinsky's radio show is the fastest growing show in alternative media. She examines what you’re not being told on the 6 0′clock news. 

Hailed as ‘Alex Jones in a skirt’, she exposes the emergence of the New World Order,Global Governance, Agenda 21, The Green Agenda, Big Brother, Marxism, The coming One World Antichrist system, transhumanism and the rise of the false doctrine and Apostasy in the Church. She examines news and world events under the lens of a Biblical World View and End time Bible Prophecy.

Sheila Zilinsky, a former high level government executive for the Ministry of Environment, discovered confidential information in 2007 that lead her to speak out against the fraud of anthropogenic global warming and the entire green agenda. 

Zilinsky's most recent books are Green Gospel, and Power Prayers: Warfare That Works. 

Zilinsky's show can be heard weekdays at 6pm EST at www.weekendvigilante.com.  She is available for television and radio interviews. 

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